Andrew M. Duncan

Swift Fellow, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas










Andrew attended the University of Kansas where he received his BS in Chemical Engineering.  As an undergraduate he worked for Professor Susan Stagg-Williams focusing on the fabrication of mixed metal oxide membranes used for synthesis gas production, and Professor Trung Van Nguyen where his work focused on mixed metal oxide conductivity studies.

The focus of his graduate work, performed in collaboration with Professor Chris Depcik of Mechanical Engineering and Professor Aaron Scurto of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, is the collection and modeling of important property data of biodiesel and biodiesel blends with diesel fuel.  Past and current work has focused on viscosity at pressures up to 131 MPa for multiple biodiesel feedstocks (soy, canola, coconut, jatropha etc.) and blend percentage with petroleum diesel, pressure-induced freezing points, and other thermodynamic properties. This research is conducted under the Feed Stock to Tail pipe initiative at the University of Kansas.


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