Travis Wentworth


Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering

IGERT Fellow

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Maine                                                    




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Travis attended the University of Maine where he received his BS in Chemical Engineering in 2009.  While attending the University of Maine he worked in the research group of Dr. David Neivandt in the area of bio-oil upgrading.  His research focus was in the polymerization of hemicellulose extracted from wood chips to higher value products, specifically, for use as filler for reduction of starch costs during the paper making process.

Travis is currently an NSF IGERT fellow in the Climate Change Humans and Nature in the Global Environment (C-CHANGE) program at the University of Kansas.  His research interests include heterogeneous catalysis, catalyst modeling and material science.  His current research project, an interdisciplinary project in the areas of chemical and mechanical engineering, investigates the effect of catalyst aging on oxidation of nitric oxide.  His research is conducted in conjunction with Dr. Christopher Depcik’s catalysis modeling group to generate accurate models for the effective implementation of Lean NOx Trap (LNT) catalysts for use in after treatment of diesel engine exhausts.  This research is conducted under the Feed Stock to Tail pipe initiative at the University of Kansas.

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